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DANK CARGO SECURITY offers security services in transport, ensuring full transparency and real-time monitoring of goods from pick-up to destination.

We have the best GPS tracking systems that allow shippers to identify the location of their goods, anywhere in the world.

Passive monitoring services: include maintaining visibility of the customer’s subscribed fleet by our inter control center. 

Our OMT will act when an alarm is generated by the customer or the driver of the vehicle(s). Such an act includes contacting the driver and, if necessary, using the security teams located in the radius where the transport is located and at the same time contacting the authorities of the respective country.

Active monitoring services: include tracking of the agreed and planned route, rest breaks and overnight parking.

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DANK CARGO SECURITY operates with qualified and certified ex-military to provide armed and unarmed cargo security escorts anywhere in the EU and Turkey. 

We provide security escorts for logistics providers, freight forwarders, government agencies and other interested parties, with the common goal of reducing losses in international supply chains. 

All our staff are ex-military with experience in the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of operations. They are trained professionals and ensure that your security is paramount.

Our air freight specialists ensure that your goods reach their destination intact and on time with efficient, cost-effective services.
We work closely with many carefully selected airlines to provide you with the best possible connections. This fact does not allow us to offer you fixed departure times for the most important air routes.

We take responsibility for collection/delivery, documentation and export clearance along with additional cargo handling. It goes without saying that we will inform you about any legal requirements, customs regulations and transport insurance. They also offer customized shipping services for deliveries with special requirements.
As in the case of road and sea transport, the standard price of transport is calculated according to the volumetric weight or according to the effective weight of the transport. Air freight services are usually more expensive when it comes to larger loads, impose a limit on the weight and dimensions of the goods to be transported.