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Security Escorts

DANK CARGO SECURITY operates with qualified and certified ex-military to provide armed and unarmed cargo security escorts anywhere in the EU and Turkey. 

We provide security escorts for logistics providers, freight forwarders, government agencies and other interested parties, with the common goal of reducing losses in international supply chains. 

All our staff are ex-military with experience in the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of operations. 

They are trained professionals and ensure that your security is paramount.

DANK CARGO SECURITY can offer services with a single agent or a team of two security agents to monitor your company’s vehicles or accompany your trucks and trailers so that the products reach their desired destination. 

The vehicles we use for secure operations are equipped with professional tracking systems, wireless cameras to see in real time what is happening with the trucks supervised by our intervention teams, contact with our agents 24/24 h, contact in each country with police and ambulance plus roadside assistance during the journey while in transit.